TCS - Manual Injector 110V Complete KIt- Unbreakable

Product Description:
The TCS Manual Injector is the most economical unit out of all the injection units offered by TCS. It is used for injecting molten thermoplastic material into the injection flask. It requires only minimal maintenance, and it is built to last. Very simple to use. Use in conjunction with the TCS Digital Furnace. With one furnace the injector yields approximately 30 cases per day; with additional furnaces and melting cylinders, it can yield up to 120 cases per day.
Used with 25mm cartridges for Karadent, iFlex, and Unbreakable thermoplastics.
Important: Melting time and temperature depends on furnace type and calibration.
Kit contains:
2 x TCS resin cartridges, 1 x Digital Furnace, 2 x cylinders with handle, 1 x knock out rod, 1 x knock out stand, 2 x thick bronze plugs, 1 x thin bronze plug, 2 x injection flasks, 10 x pc palate wax, 10 x pc lingual wax, 10 x pc sprue wax, 3 x pc 9.5 sprue wax, 1 x carving knife, 1 x TCS cement, 1 x sample size EZ Flow, 1 x Mold Release spray, 1 x TCS fusing liquid, 1 x Hot Air Welder, twist drill samples, TCS putty (400g) 1 x Econo Cutter, 1 x Econo Mandrel, 1 x white knock down wheel & chuck, 1 x Rubberized Abrasive 304, 1 x Rubberized Abrasive 306, 10 x pink grinding wheels, 10 x brown rubber wheels, 5 x green mounted stones, 2 x large rubber points, 2 x small rubber points, 2 x mini fuzz balls, 1 x pink zirconia coarse bur, Polycril (1lb package), 1 x Turbo Buff, 4 x Rag Buff, Sample polishing paste pieces

•Yields approximately 30 cases per day (up to 120 with additional furnaces)
•Weight: 42 lbs; Dimensions: 22x22x17in
•Comes in 110V or 220V models
•2 Year warranty; Made in the USA



Exceed SKU: 710-028-001
Mfg SKU: 3505-01
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Manual Injector 110V Complete KIt- Unbreakable

TCS – Manual Injector 110V Complete KIt- Unbreakable

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Exceed SKU: 710-028-001
Mfg SKU: 3505-01