ProPress200 - Pressing Furnace - 220v

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The Pro Press 200 Porcelain Furnace is affordable yet intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. It has advanced cycles for e.max® , In Ceram®, Wol-Ceram®, Captek™, sintered alloys and advanced porcelain products. All Pro Series Porcelain Furnaces come standard with a Vacuum Pump and a 3-Year Warranty or 3,750 muffle hours on unit (US & Canada only). 200 Program Memory: Expanded memory and faster logic board allows the user to use a multitude of porcelains. Quick-Cool Jet technology cools the muffle twice as fast. Pro 200 Master Suite is the new graph-based application that enables user to create, modify, print and transfer programs to furnaces straight from their PC. The Pro 200 has a USB port that allows users to transfer programs and upgrades with a standard Flash Drive, (1) 4GB included. Larger easy read LCD Screen provides four lines of 20 characters. Membrane keys for keypad durability and less wear. Detent knob with built-in select switch allows for faster and more convenient programming. Improved muffle gives more insulation than previous Pro Series to save energy and costs. Rated to 2200° F. Upgraded thermocouple for unsurpassed accuracy. Pro Press 200: can accommodate 100 & 200 gram rings for more flexibility.

•Affordable yet intelligently designed porcelain furnace chock-full of cutting edge technology
•200 program memory – expanded memory and faster logic board allows the user to use a multitude of porcelains
•USB Port, large easy to read LCD screen, membrane keys
•Power supply: 220 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz; Maximum temperature: 2200F
•Dimensions: 11″W x 16″D x 21″H; Weight: 59lbs; Muffle Chamber size: 3 ¾” W x 2 ½” H x 3 ¾” D


11″W x 16″D x 21″H



Exceed SKU: 790-020-002
Mfg SKU: 92015
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ProPress200 – Pressing Furnace – 220v

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Exceed SKU: 790-020-002
Mfg SKU: 92015