MARK3 - HP Mixing Tips - 48pk

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MIXPAC HP mixing tips are designed for safe and clean operation, with no cross-contamination. All components of the MIXPAC™ S-System mixing tips are compatible with existing MIXPAC dispensing cartridges and guns, and proved over 10 years in the Dental industry. Tested products for ideal mixing results, clean room production for a high standard of hygiene and reliable technical solutions offer a high user comfort. High Performance HP Mixing Tips by Mixpac for dispensing dual cartridges. Multiple use, color coded closure cap, safe and easy to use. Pressure resistent design. Allows for precise dosing, leading to more accurate application. High long term stability. Wide range of mixers. Optimal mixer for each 2-component dental material. High process safety, requires very little effort from user, allows for fatigue free operation.

•MIXPAC S-System HP mixing tips with new mixing technology to reduce material waste while maintaining consistent mix
•Safe, clean operation – no cross contamination
•Optimal mixer for each 2-component dental material
•Less material is wasted in tip following dispensing; mix was consistent and similar to previous longer tips
•Available in pink, yellow, and green



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MARK3 – HP Mixing Tips – 48pk

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