House Brand - Nosk Nasel Filter - 10pk

Product Description:
NOSK nasal filters are a personal air filtration system that is clinically proven to reduce the inhallation of pollutants, allergens, and hazardous substances. Ultra-comfortable soft NOSK nasal filters gently slip into the nostrils to block substances such as pollen, ultra-fine particles, iron ore dust, smog, and more – proven in laboratory studies to filter out particles above 1 micron in size. They are held in place with a thin strip, giving you the freedom to talk and eat. Glasses will not fog up. It is an easy way to improve the quality of the air that you breathe. NOSK filters provide a safe, drug free alternative to allergy medicines. Its discreet design makes it virtually invisible to those around you. The NOSK filter is reusable – just gently rinse off with clean water in between uses.

•Drug free with no side effects.
•Filters out dust and allergens above 1 micron.
•Sterile medical grade materials & N95 filter.
•Latex, adhesive, and allergen free.



Exceed SKU: 200-218-001
Mfg SKU: 995-010
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Nosk Nasel Filter

House Brand – Nosk Nasel Filter – 10pk

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Exceed SKU: 200-218-001
Mfg SKU: 995-010