House Brand - Multi Digital Dipping Pot S800

Product Description:
Digital Dipping Pot with three separate pots, designed for simultaneously melting up to three varieties of wax at once. Easy to use and control, convenient to operate. Excellent heat conductivity and insulation. This unit melts wax quickly and keeps it liquid without any change in its physical properties. Individual temperature control allows the user to adjust the temperature of the three pots separately. Each pot can also be turned off individually. A built in thermostat accurately maintains desired temperature. An easy to read LCD display panel allows user to check the set and current temperature. Built-in digital CPU circuit to preset and maintain desired temperature accurately and precisely. The Dipping Pot can also memorize the previous working temperature, even after turning the power off. Operates in both Celsius or Fahrenheit (°C/°F). Automatic heater-on indicator LED. (LED turns off when the preset temperature is reached). Buzzes when a key is pressed.

•Input power source: AC100V~250V 50/60Hz
•Amp: 200W; Fuse: 5A
•Temperature: 30°C~120°C (86°F~248°F)
•Dimensions: 200x146x70mm
•Weight: 0.69kg



Exceed SKU: 200-118-001
Mfg SKU: 723-800
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Multi Digital Dipping Pot

House Brand – Multi Digital Dipping Pot S800

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Exceed SKU: 200-118-001
Mfg SKU: 723-800