ADS - Etch-It Enamel Kit

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Etching of dental materials creates mechanical retention for successful bonding. Etch-It® Gel saves time and money. The fastest, most convenient and economical spot etching method available today for metal bridgework, porcelain veneers and tooth enamel. Produce effective etching without costly wax-ups, bulky acid bottles, etching machines, electrodes, hazardous disposal, drips, spills and burns. ENAMEL ETCH-IT® Gel is essential prior to bonding of composite, porcelain or metal bridgework. The “textbook” etching acid, Enamel Etch-It Gel (37.5%) is designed for rapid and complete etching of enamel layer only. Etching takes place by chemical action only where the gel is applied and continues until the etch is complete. Etching gel easily rinses away when the job is done. Dip-It, color-indicating neutralizer eliminates acid residues and is included with each kit.

•Contains fluoride
•Ideal viscosity and color for easy, accurate placement with disposable needle tips.
•Thixotropic gel clings to tooth surface and stays put
•Kit contains: 1 x Enamel Etch-It Gel 2 oz or 4 oz bottle, 3 x Dip-It Acid Neutralizer packets, 2 x small application syringes with disposable tips



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ADS – Etch-It Enamel Kit

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