ADS - Ceramic-7 Modeling Liquid

Product Description:
CERAMIC-7® is a new, unique condensing liquid designed for ceramic powders. CERAMIC-7® may be used with dentine/enamel, incisal, shoulder as well as porcelain applied over Zirconia. Designed as a total replacement for distilled water, in all porcelain techniques, and manufactured from high purity materials in small batches to prevent contamination, it is the ideal porcelain modeling liquid – fast and effective.

CERAMIC-7® forms a denser, stiffer mix, which is easier to stack and carve. CERAMIC-7® causes porcelain particles to pack closer together minimizing air bubbles and particle segregation. The ceramist can make a precise application that will not slump or run. Condensing steps are reduced. Shades are truer and more uniform. Keeps porcelain in a moist, plastic state that does not need frequent re-wetting. Porcelain may be layered without fear of dryout between applications, stays moist longer than other build up liquids. Build-Up is quick and easy. Shrinkage is minimized, and porcelain will not pull away from margins. Porcelain resists tearing in delicate interproximal areas, and color are true. Coverage and condensing is more efficient. This permits shorter working time per case, and less time spent in critical build-up phase.

CERAMIC-7® was developed by an ADS Ceramic Engineer and Master Chemist, and evaluated successfully by Ms. Denise North, Technical Specialist with Zahn Dental.

•Forms a denser, stiffer mix that’s easier to stack and carve
•Minimizes air bubbles and particle segregation
•Shorter working time per case; less time spent in critical build-up phase
•User friendly, creamy, easy to control
•Available in 1oz & 8oz sizes



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ADS – Ceramic-7 Modeling Liquid

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