Acryfree - Acrylic Denture Base Resin- Injection Type - 6pk

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Perflex Acryfree is an an elastic, flexible, and fully repairable thermoplastic acrylic denture base material. It is used for manufacture of metal-free full and partial dentures, and flippers. Acryfree resin is thin and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for sensitive patients or those looking to avoid potential sensitivities. It can be easily repaired by injection molding with the same material, or with either hard, soft, hot, or cold acrylics. Acryfree, T-Crystal, and Biosens can all chemically bond with conventional acrylics. Acryfree is ten times more breakage-resistant than conventional acrylics, and is translucent, for the most natural appearance. It provides precise results in restorations through injection molding. Dentures can be relined in a dental office with temporary soft liners. Acryfree is easy and fast to polish, with same products as for conventional acrylics. Polished surface helps to prevent calculus and bacteria build-up. Acryfree can be used with porcelain prosthetic teeth.
Available in Purple Pink|Opaque Pink|Standard Pink|Clear|Light Pink

•Thin, elastic, flexible thermoplastic acrylic denture base material
•Hypoallergenic – great for patients with sensitivities
•Can be repaired using the same material, or with hard, soft, hot, or cold acrylics; repairs also can be done easily using the premade Perflex Easy Clasps to repair or add a new clasp to the existing denture
•Natural looking and aesthetically pleasing color selection
•Pack of 6 cartridges; comes in sizes: 25mm- Large Cartridges|25mm- Medium Cartridges|28mm- Large Cartridges|28mm- Medium Cartridges



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Acryfree – Acrylic Denture Base Resin- Injection Type – 6pk

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